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Here At Secure Electrics We Specialise in EICRS - Landlords Safety Inspections And Electrical Installations For Your Property Or Place Of Work.


We Carry Out A Wide Range Of Electrical Tests And Installations For All Different Types Of Industries:

Our Fully Qualified Domestic Electricians Also Carry Out All Types Of Domestic Electrical Repairs & Installation Work For Your Property Along With The Relevant 18Th Edition Certification Once Completed.


Examples for some of the tests we can provide:


               - Eicrs for Rental Property's 

               - Eicrs for New Buyers And Sellers

               - Eicrs for Home owners

               - Eicrs for insurance purposes 

               - Eicrs for water damaged property's 

               - Eicrs for commercial and businesses 


Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Electrical Installation service include?

Our Electrical Installation service includes the setup and installation of electrical systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with current standards.

What is an EICR Condition Report?

An electrical installation condition report ( EICR ) is an electrical safety inspection inspection carried out by a electrician to make sure the fixed wiring and electrical components within the building are in safe condition for the occupants.

- Find any potential fire hazards or electric shock risks

- Identify any defective electrical work 

- detect any lack of bonding & earthing

- Pinpoint any overloading of electrical circuits or equipment 


Our fully qualified electricians will complete a visual inspection and perform metered tests on the installations to confirm that everything is functioning safely.


This check highlights any potential electrical dangers such as deterioration, defects, damage or non compliances with current safety standards.


If the electrician identifies any potentially hazardous defects, they will note this in the report and advise the landlord or owner of any required work to remedy the issue. The certificate will also list a date of when the next inspection is due.


Observations listed on the electrical report will be catorgrised in codes to identify the seriousness of the faults or non compliances found, these codes are Categorised as:


C1) - Dangerous Requires immediate action to be taken without delay.


C2) - Potential dangerous - Urgent remedial action required.


C3) - Recommended improvement installation is not necessary dangerous but it may not comply with 18th edition requirements.


FI) - Further Investigation required this means our inspector has found something which needs looking at in more depth to ascertain whether it's safe or not.

How much does a Eicr Cost

It really depends on how many consumer units there are to test and the size of the property.


standard 1-2 Bedroom Property's with just one consumer unit £135

Standard 3-5 Bedroom Property's with just one consumer unit £150


Standard 6 + Bedrooms with just one consumer unit Between £180 to £220

 All Extra domestic fuseboards are charged at a additional rate of £13 Per circuit 


Commercial Distribution Boards Between £20/£25 Per Circuit 

Why is Electrical Testing important?


The main aims of electrical testing is to: Ensure Electrical installations are safe enough for continued use.

Highlight any installations that do not meet the latest regulations. Identify installations that may overheat and potentially lead to a electrical fire or cause a electric shock.

How Often should I get my property tested

A propertys wiring system should be Inspected And tested every 5 Years or change of Occupancy if the property is being rented.

Do I need a Eicr to rent my property

If a landlord doesn't have a valid Electrical Safety Certificate, they can be fined up to £30,000. Since 2021 you need a certificate even if your property is rented to existing tenants.

I want to book my next Eicr

Simply Call Secure Electrics On Tel: 077480304277 to book your next electrical safety inspection 

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Secure Electrics 24/7 is a leading electrical service provider based in Peterborough specializing in EICR condition reports, electrical testing, and installations. With years of experience and a commitment to safety and quality, our team of certified electricians is dedicated to providing top-notch electrical solutions. Whether you're a homeowner needing an inspection or a business requiring comprehensive electrical installations, our expertise and attention to detail ensure your projects are completed to the highest standards.